Teachers and friends




Mastro Barbagallo in between three real masters of the knife and stick tradition from Riposto. On the left you’ll see my knife teacher, maestro Salvatore Scarcella.



Markus, Ossi and Clemens



My wonderful son and I after a workout



Maestro Barbagallo and the maestro dei maestro Scarcella, my teachers for the circling stick and knife, handing me out my master certificartion.


Me together with Maestro Orazio Barbagallo, Headmater of the Scuola Rutatu Moderno and president of the A.S.A.M.I.R., the number one organisation for Sicilian Fighting Arts.






























e together with the Maestro dei Maestri Salvatore Scarcella, my teacher and the headmaster of the Rutatu Corto Tradizionale, the traditional circling knife from Riposto, Sicily.


















The Maestri dei Maestri from Riposto, Sicily: Maestro Supremo Scapellinu (Bastone Rutatu) and Maestro Supremo Scarcella (Coltello Rutatu).












Am 21. Juli 2012 hatte ich die Ehre, in der Schue von Christian Eckert die traditionellen Messerkünste aus Italien vorstellen zu dürfen. Unter den Teilnehmern waren nebst Chrsitian Eckerts Schülern auch die Fechtmeister Roland Warzecha und Sean W. Hayes zugegen.

Maestro L. Casale, Maestro A. Kiermayer, Maestro R. Laura samt Sohn, Maestro O. Barbagallo und Maestro J. Bellinghausen bei Ad Arma! 2012.

Roberto Laura, Dennis “Mr. Nice” Gluska and Ossi Senol at Ad Arma! 2012.

My close students Marc Kettenbach, Clemens David, Günter Wurz and Ossi Senol at Ad Arma! 2012.

Roberto together with Anne Gluska at Ad Arma! 2012.

The Maestri Roberto Laura, Alex Kiermayer and Jörg Bellinghausen talking at Ad Arma! 2012. The topic? Fencing as usual!

Maestro Roberto Laura together with his student Mario Schmidt at Ad Arma! 2012.


Ad Arma! 2012 – a great symposium!

Chicago Seminar at Forteza Gym, november 2012.

Keith, Greg, Sean, Nicole, myself and Trey at Fountainhead Pub (Chicago). Jesse unfortunately is missing.

Greg and Roberto in front of the bean!

Alessio Olivieri, my new student for Cielo e Meraviglia, the peasant knife school from Cefalichio, and I together in Sanremo at the Italian Riviera.







Me in between my two top knife students and close friends Günter Wurz and Marc Kettenbach.


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