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Maestro Salvatore D’Ascanio, 2015:                      

My name is Salvatore D’Ascanio, I was born and grew up in Manfredonia, Puglia. I am 54 years old.

As I grew up in my hometown I use to practice knife and stick fighting. Our group only practised knife and stick fighting as an art for social and tradition purposes.

At that time, there were many different schools for knife and stick fighting. It was a way of life and since it was a hidden art, no certificate was issued nor required. From the internet I got to know the maestro Roberto Laura who is a very serious, respectful and capable teacher.

Our conversations consisted of our passion and interest for traditional knife and stick fighting from Manfredonia, Puglia. Through our conversations it became possible for Roberto Laura to meet with my childhood friend Franco Vairo, who was also part of the knife and stick fighting school that I attended. Therefore Roberto Laura learned about my school in detail and he is more then capable to teach my school to others.

Franco Vairo and I learned about our school through maestro Matteo Guerra, who was one of the many teachers at the time.

With regards,

Maestro Salvatore D’Ascanio


Maestro Luigi Casale, 2013:

 “Mai vista tanta passione e velocità nell’apprendere!
(“I have never seen such a great passion and such a speed in learning before!“)



Maestro Domenico Mancino, 2012:

Molti maestri di tradizioni di difesa , o di duello con il coltello della tradizione italiana devono molto a persone come Roberto Laura. Roberto con la sua passione e serietà, ha fatto conoscere persone del tutto sconosciute nel paninsesto marziale, ben vengano persone come Roberto Laura.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Grazie

Domenico Mancino“                                                                           

(“Many teachers for defense or duel with the knife of Italian tradition owe much to persons like Roberto Laura. Roberto, with his passion and seriousness, have made known many totally unknown persons to the world of martial arts. A cheer for persons like Roberto Laura.                                                                                                                                 

Thank you,

Domenico Mancino“)



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